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Creating Energy by Transforming Wood Waste to Biofuels 

Our goal is to call the gold out of our world, our nation, our neighbors and ourselves.

Our Mission

Where we are headed and how we can help


Our Mission:        

To assist communities in building stronger economies and energy independence, to offer businesses another tool to create profitable new revenue streams from waste wood and to provide an additional management tool for our private and public forest stewards in bringing economic sustainability to their area while simultaneously reducing fire risks and creating healthy watersheds.

Come Join Us

Call and let us see if we can help you turn a liability into an asset.  No magic here, this is all rooted in the soil and years of real world commercial experience.  Join us as we help transform an ecological liability into streams of carbon neutral energy.  Make a positive impact on our environment and produce energy, green energy for a blue planet.  Call and ask for Tom or Robert at 888-600-9383.


About Us

Proven track record of Design, Performance and Efficiency

Our Technology Partners have a 17 year track record of design, construction and R&D


No need for experimenting with technology.  Yosemite Clean will provide you with the team who can provide maximum flexibility in energy output and efficiency while remaining small enough to stay close to locally available waste stream feed stocks.

Various Options for Converting Biofuels


End Product Flexibility:  1. Liquid Bio-Fuels 94% Carbon Neutral.  2. Hydrogen Carbon Neutral 100%.  3.  Methanization   for Bio-Natural Gas. 4.  Electricity

Basic Schematic of the Original CHP Plant


See the slide show on following page to see the historical progression in technology in gasifiers.

The Power of Local Energy to Spur Economic Growth


Turning California into the "Green" Oil fields of Texas:

 Creating Carbon Neutral Bio-Fuels and Compressed Hydrogen to supply the State and Nation's appetite for environmentally sustainable and renewable energy using existing waste streams and distributing bio-fuels using existing distribution channels and vehicle/commercial truck technology.    


Realizing the goal of creating a diversified micro-grid that strengthens the reliability and Local Ownership of our Electrical System

 By focusing on medium sized power plants (3 to 14 MGW of input BTU) Yosemite Clean envisions a network of independent business enterprises and communities benefiting from owning and producing their own energy supply thus boosting the local economy and increasing local business opportunities previously not available in certain areas. 


Yearly Orchard Attrition from the Ag sector in California alone could produce 4 Million Barrels of Bio-crude Annually

 When Including Other Potential Ag Waste Bi-Products, the estimated 100 million dead trees in the southern Sierra Nevada Mountains, Normal wood waste generated from what was once considered "best practices" for sustainable forest management, the estimate for bio-energy production could potentially begin with 15 million barrels/year of Bio-crude as well as substantial secondary energy production of electricity and Carbon Free Hydrogen which would have a substantial multiplier affect on our state's rural economy & would contribute to our statewide sustainable bio fuel goals. 

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Email us directly and describe your power needs.  Email Tom@yosemiteclean.com or Robert@yosemiteclean.com.  Call us at (888)600-9383 & choose Extension 1 for Tom or Extension 2 for Robert.

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